MAKING Digital Transformation a Reality

What do we stand for?

Sustainable Elements Inc. (SE), founded in 2008, is a dev/ops digital transformation and digitalization/software development company. We collaborate with our clients to implement purpose-designed digital solutions that reflect our client’s unique workflow requirements. In addition to our software development expertise, we provide tailored advisory services and subject matter expertise in several sectors including Environmental Operations, ESG, Facility Management, and Industrial Maintenance.

Not only do we elevate the digital experience unique to your business, we also support every step of the digital transformation.

What is our mission?

Our mission is to help clear the path.

By digitalizing processes that exist dispersed across an array of spreadsheets, paper documents and the minds of your people we create clear waters that will preserve process and create efficiency. Clarity of process makes sure that teams are pointed in the same direction and reduces organizational redundancy, reducing risks and creating better bottom lines across the entire organization.

Where are we heading?

We are constantly in pursuit of best in class digitalization, working with our clients and industry experts to create digital tools that take advantage of cutting edge digital technologies to solve everyday business problems.

Who ARE We?

Our clients call us magicians; we’re actually business process and digital workflow experts with a passion for optimizing organizations through the use of purpose built software solutions. Our team consists of subject matter experts from various industries with years of experience in digital solution development and change management.

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