Beyond software

CTO as a service – a great way to accelerate your business

Everyone needs a helping hand, and an outsourced CTO can help your business’ technology team get there.

Here are some reasons you could need a our services.


Technology is not your core business so you don’t need a full-time CTO but you do have a need for certain services to keep moving ahead with a technology initiative. We can help keep you cost effective.

Bringing new expertise

You have a really knowledgeable team but need the support and skills of a technology leader to guide your business through digital transformation. We can provide the missing piece.

you have a product idea & need to team up

You have an idea for a digital solution, something you think could change the way your industry works, but you need someone with the experience and technology to make it happen. We would make a great team!

What is a CTO - Chief Technical Officer?

A CTO directs the technical team and supervises technology decisions in the development and deployment of internal and client facing solutions . The comprehensive technology roadmap they create and maintain will determine an organization’s future technological trajectory. They create policies and procedures and use technology to guide an organization’s digital transformation, enhancing solutions that focus on improving the experience of both external customers and internal client groups.

How our CTO Services Move your business ahead


We will work with you to develop a detailed plan that outlines how your organization will use technology to establish or enhance processes, culture, and the experiences your team and customers have with your organization.


Together we’ll identify the technology that meets your goals for a digital business and guide the technical role out of these technologies to get the best out of your team.


If your goals require a purpose built solution to optimize your business or extend your client services and you need additional support or don’t want to create an in-house technology team, we have the team and skills to build a cost-effective solution with you at the helm.

Our Happy Customers

of risks managed with our solutions
users using our solutions to better their organizations
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“We tried out of the box solutions, but they didn’t work for our team’s unique requirements. SE configured a cost-effective solution purpose built to our needs, allowing us and our suppliers to work seamlessly in one online portal. ”

“Our document management was causing significant delays and thousands of dollars of production. With a digitalized process from SE, our process is more controlled and we’ve yet to have a delay!”

“Our requirements were unique and our timeline was tight. The SE team delivered a configured solution, on schedule, that met our needs and delivered functionality that allowed us to improve our process in new ways. ”

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