how would you improve your organization if you could harness A technology with no Limits

replace spreadsheets & Reduce Risks

Spreadsheets and risk go hand and hand. How many times has a mismanaged spreadsheet cost put a project at risk, or cost your organization money? Spreadsheets are for exploring data, not for managing information that requires a robust and rigorous process. Don’t risk your business.

Focus on high value

How often do you wish your team could spend less time on things that should just be automated so they can spend more time on high value work? Your team does; they wish they could spend their time doing what they love and less time .

turn processes into living tools

Every organization has binders of processes and procedures that staff attempt to remember and reference. What if these processes had digital tools that guide and prompt your team through the process giving them the tools to succeed?

Balance automation & professional judgement

Too often digital solutions seek to automate processes by sacrificing professional decision making. You trust your staff and their abilities; what if you could enable your team with digital tools that strike a balance between business efficiency and professional judgement?

move from data to strategy

Analytics can change your organization, help you understand your past to guide your future. However getting there has never been easy because the data is all over the place. If your organization worked in one digital space, taking data from across all your workflows and turning this into analytics for creating c-suite strategies is just a click away.

collaborate & Integrate

What if data could move seamlessly within your organization? What if the data of one team could inform another team effortlessly? What would happen if all stakeholders could work together but in their own digital space? You just reached a new level.

What could you do with a platform that can do all this?

  • Quantitative & qualitative data management,
  • Email notifications & communications
  • 2-factor Authentication & SSO

  • Laboratory data analysis

  • User specific Dashboards

  • Scheduling & Task tracking
  • Third-party access

    (contractors / consultants)

  • Role-Based functionality

  • Cross-Team Collaboration

  • Integrated industry workflows
  • Data sharing between workflows

  • Integrated GIS Dashboards

  • Regulatory & user defined limits
  • Scheduling & Task tracking
  • AutoCAD and GIS mapping

  • QR coding and IoT integration

  • PDF & Excel tailored reports tailored to your business

  • Recurring procedures/task engine
  • Accessible from any device with a web browser
  • Analytics & Dashboards

  • Enterprise ready architecture

  • Unlimited configurability

  • Automated analytical data analysis & GIS mapping
  • Spatial data aggregation & spatial analysis
  • AutoCAD, ESRI, & QGIS, SAP friendly

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“We tried out of the box solutions, but they didn’t work for our team’s unique requirements. SE configured a cost-effective solution purpose built to our needs, allowing us and our suppliers to work seamlessly in one online portal. ”

“Our document management was causing significant delays and thousands of dollars of production. With a digitalized process from SE, our process is more controlled and we’ve yet to have a delay!”

“Our requirements were unique and our timeline was tight. The SE team delivered a configured solution, on schedule, that met our needs and delivered functionality that allowed us to improve our process in new ways. ”

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