We create purpose built digital workflow solutions tailored to your Business process needs.

organizational knowledge is Precious

Your team has extensive knowledge of your business. Digital workflow solutions capture that knowledge and those processes keeping your business successful and minimizing the impacts of turnover.

help your team do their best

Business processes and data that are difficult to access can create barriers to collaboration across teams and departments. Implement digital solutions that reduce frustration and allow your valued team members to communicate seamlessly and focus on high-value work.

act Quick & Avoid the cliff (DEMOGRAPHIC)

Your team is starting to retire, taking their best practices and knowledge with them.   Digital workflow solutions can help capture the best they have to offer before its too late.

scalable & Agile

We can meet any size or need and that’s the truth. Our clients come in all sizes and needs.

1 or 50,000 users

1 asset or 50,000km of railway

1 facility (or countless)

Internal Performance =

Customer Value

Optimizing your business with digital solutions changes your value proposition.

It shows clients your priority is delivering modern, cost-effective services while improving their experience working with your team.


Imagine working with no barriers between your teams, your processes, your information, and those you work with outside your business. Enable better decision-making and achieve game-changing efficiencies.

A spreadsheets and databases can’t do that.


Let’s not burden your IT team. They have lots to do already!

Our work with your team extends beyond configuration & deployment. We provide ongoing support and work with your team to continually improve and optimize your workflow solution.


Is your business using several solutions already but you know digital transformation integration is your next step? Whether it’s automated transfers, data export/imports, or API connections, if we don’t already have an integration we’ll create one to make all your solutions work together seamlessly.

our cloud or your cloud

We know data control and security is critical. The Elements Platform is secure with 2-factor authentication and our hosting partners RackSpace & Amazon Web Services can’t be beat. However, If your business (or piece of mind) would prefer, we can host on your cloud and make sure your IT team can rest easy.

Your team is busy and building software is not their job.


Your business processes are unique and your organizational knowledge key, making purpose-built software tools best way to get the most from your team and help your team achieve their goals. We understand your team has a job to do and building software is not it.

Our approach reduces the burden on your team while creating amazing outcomes.



Our team reviews your existing tools and meets with your key team members to understand your processes and needs.

Our Domain Experts already have a grasp of your industry so your team has to spend less time transferring their knowledge.

learn more about our domain expertise



The Elements Platform allows our team to quickly transform your workflow into a digital solution with endless possibilities.

We believe in efficiency, so we designed our tools to deliver your solutions faster.

Learn more about the Elements Platform



Together with your team, we review the solution, looking for opportunities to further customize & configure.

We know your time is limited so we make sure sprint meetings are productive and we integrate the feedback into the solution fast.



We understand change can be hard. Our training minimizes barriers to ensure your team is confident with their new tools.

In time your process will evolve, when it does we’re here to support and reconfigure to boost your continual improvement.

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Our Happy Customers

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users using our solutions to better their organizations
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“We tried out of the box solutions, but they didn’t work for our team’s unique requirements. SE configured a cost-effective solution purpose built to our needs, allowing us and our suppliers to work seamlessly in one online portal. ”

“Our document management was causing significant delays and thousands of dollars of production. With a digitalized process from SE, our process is more controlled and we’ve yet to have a delay!”

“Our requirements were unique and our timeline was tight. The SE team delivered a configured solution, on schedule, that met our needs and delivered functionality that allowed us to improve our process in new ways. ”